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Chautauqua Apiary Welcomes You!

This year, 2018, we will be doing intense research for Varroa Destructor mite resistant honey bees. We have been adding good diverse genetic honey bee stocks to our bee yard and will start checking all breeding and production colonies for mite counts. We have found that most colonies have low to no mites than others will have larger numbers. Instead of just treating all the colonies with a broad mite treatment, we will be breeding from colonies with low mite counts then splitting the colonies with larger mite counts, doing selective organic acid treatments only as needed, then re-queening the splits with genetics from the colonies with lower mite counts. We will be adding instrumental insemination service to be able to cross the preferred genetics from the best colonies only. We will be concentrating on mite management, hygienic behavior, gentle and calm bees, honey production, and winter hardiness. We will be adding select high quality Varroa resistant breeder queens to help intensify our breeding program. I will be looking for a apprentice locally to help with all apiary work this spring, if your interested in this please contact us.


We are proud to bring you local Western New York quality natural honey, strong healthy honey bee queens, and bee nucleus colonies for honey, enjoyment, and your agricultural needs! Located in beautiful Chautauqua County, New York. Enjoy the website and drop us a note if you have a question!