About Us

Chautauqua Apiary
6617 Swanson Rd
PO Box 975
Sinclairville, NY 14782

Barry Lindquist

We are committed to bringing high quality strong winter hardy bees. The goal of our breeding program is to produce bees that performs well in northern climates. Our emphasis is on quality not quantity. Our breeding stock consist of New World Carniolan and VSH Carniolan. We have also added some great queen genetics from Miller Compound Honey Bees of Northern Washington State for 2016. This year we have added some Minnesota Hygienic queens and some from Michael Palmer also for 2017.

We do cut-outs and swarm removals.


Honey Bee’s Professionally Removed. Honey bee colony and swarm removal. Will remove from houses, barns, or trees if accessible. All bee’s to be professionally and safely removed, moved, and cared for at my apiary. Swarm removal is free if I’m available and close. Cut-outs start at $300 for simple removals and up. I can do full removal and repairs. I’m a licensed and insured contractor.

All natural beauty products are made by Amber Lindquist who insist on natural, organic, and wholesome foods and products for our kids, families, and friends!