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2/4/2019 Feels like Spring! Bees are looking Great!

Yesterday was almost 50°F the bees got out for cleansing flights. Today was 55°F and they were out again, after the vortex cold spell (-25°F) for 4 days it was nice to get out to the bee yard to look around. I shoveled the snow off a couple of days ago anticipating the warm up so the lids would be clear. I had a chance to open some of them up to check stores and see how they are doing. So far they are looking great, lost a few with the extreme cold spell but most are looking good and we are excited to get ready for the bee year. I like to get started feeding in March so its not too far off. We have been getting our equipment built and have a lot of boxes and frames ready for the season. Need to start getting sugar ordered, looking for the best prices. We have a lot of pollen substitutes to mix for pollen patties to get early brood rearing stimulated. Looking forward to spring after a beautiful day like today! Hope everybody’s bees are doing great also.