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Fall Feeding

Feeding and raising bee this fall with all this good weather has really brought on my late splits. I treated for mites in August with the organic acids and finished splitting mid August, I fed them heavy till early September when the fall flow kicked in good. Now have been feeding 2:1 syrup, pollen patties, and open dry pollen since the end of September and recently some open syrup feeding. My colonies have lots of honey, bees, and brood. My nucs 5 over 5 and 10 frame singles have 3+ frames of brood with lots of young fat bees to over winter strong health colonies. I have mouse guards on most colonies(1/4″ hardware cloth) except my nucs that still have lots of drones and starting to flip my inner covers over and adding dry sugar patties over the top bars for extra feed. The open feeding and mouse guards have slowed robbing by giving the bees something to forage on and restricting the entrance size, this has made a big difference since most of the fall flow has been gone in my area for a month. Will soon be adding 1″ tuff R foam insulation tight over inner covers to help prevent condensation on the inner cover. And do one more mite treatment with oxalic acid vaporizer to make sure my counts are super low once the brood levels get lower. Looking to have a great year and hoping winter is mild and goes by fast! Please!