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Late Summer 2018

It has been a very busy year, have not had much time to post this year. With the late spring and switching quickly over to hotter temperatures it was quick spring. Started about a month behind this year but have come through ok. Has been a year to feed most of the time to keep the bees going and they are looking great getting ready for winter. They say bees will only take syrup if there is nothing else they want, well they wanted it all year here. Only went a couple of weeks without feeding, mainly because I was too busy to feed. We have been treating for Varroa Mites and making up colonies from the mating nucs. We stopped selling queens early to use them for expanding our numbers. Have used my Instrumental Insemination equipment every chance I had and have got some good queens to evaluate, get through winter, and use for next year. Hope everybody has had a good year and get them mite counts down and get the bees ready for winter. Finally a little break coming…YES!