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Provap 110 Vaporizer

How nice it was to use this vaporizer compared to Varrox vaporizer for anybody with more than 50 colonies it was a breeze to use. With the Varrox it took me about 6 minutes per colony and I used 2 of them that took it to 3 minutes, but was very intense and easy to get messed up with 2 going at once and 2 timers. With the Provap once you are set up and your holes drilled (1/4″) its just load and insert, with plenty time to load second cap and keep covering the entrances then opening them as needed. Only using 1 timer to get the 10 minutes coverage time and at 1 minute per colony its very easy to cover 100 colonies in multiple yards in 1 day by yourself. Great investment as I feel mite control is very important with the environmental impacts and nutrition are already cause too much stress on honey bee colonies, for better winter survivability.  I would recommend this product to anybody. This is the time of year to make sure your mite counts are low as bees are making there winter bees soon. If local sideliner beekeepers would like to get there colonies treated for mites and are in need of assistance, I am also offering that service you can call me and set up an appointment.